Megan O. Hoffman writes picture books, middle grade and young adult books. She draws on her weird and wonderful experiences to inspire her stories. Upon graduating New York University, Megan worked in the public schools of NYC, teaching literacy to amazing middle school kids. She designed educational programming for a theater in rural Pennsylvania, then went on to teach Upper School Theater at The Baldwin School on the Main Line of Philadelphia.

She has always loved to tell a story.

Things really got interesting when Megan traveled back South to her home state of Georgia. Her family, a husband who designs scavenger hunts, her son, a talented equestrian, and her young daughter, a budding journalist, are living life to its fullest, with every day an adventure, traveling and restoring their home, an old school house and farm. They enjoy the company of three dogs, a cat, a donkey, two sheep and three hens known as The Weird Sisters.

The adventures on the farm led Megan to begin blogging about all their terrible farm failures. Her friends and family begged her for more. Since then, she has written various articles and short stories for The Plaid Horse Magazine, Typishly and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Megan's agent for her children's books is Mary Cummings, with Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises.